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Humanitarian Catastrophe or Man-made Catastrophe?

The New name & shame section
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We ask why are crimes never forgotten by the victims, yet criminals sweep convictions under the carpet and walk with thier heads-up up high in our comunities, even showing-off having been convicted? Reabilitation should start with communities who can identify when things have gone terribly wrong.
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Many Muslim have asked for a name and shame section to our website and for some years now it had been discussed, understood and re-understood what this would entail. After checking against guidelines handed down to local goverment it makes sence to make Muslims aware on a wider scale within our comunities the problems crime can inflict upon us all.

Rochdale Nine
Iftikhar Ahmed Farzana Ahmed


Randomly selected Convicted Criminals who have disgraced their communities 2012.

Muslim's are not infallible.
Lately much attention has been given in the media to Muslims who have carried out the most horrendous acts of violence, degradation and even acts of pre-meditative murder. Many blaming their religion as their reasons for carrying out such crimes, blaming society for their actions or even the race card in front of a Jury. It’s not just Muslims, all communities within society are affected by such deliberate acts of crime.

We give an opportunity for the victims of crime to come forward and submit their cases for all to read and for communities to learn that crime does not pay or has any part in building better communities in the united Kingdom.


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