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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  
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Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

and more...

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Questions & Answers
These questions have been posed to Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad - Principal Lecturer of the School of Shari'ah

Is if Fard to join a Group? What is Da'wah? Do we have to obey the Amir? What is the Duties of a Group? What is the Method for Khilafah?..

Can we visit Palestine for a Holiday? Are the US forces allowed to be in Saudi Arabia? What is Terrorism? Are we at War with USA or UK?..

Can we play with Playing Cards? Can men wear Gold? Can men shake hands with the opposite gender? Are we allowed to whistle?..

Ritual System

Are non-Muslims allowed into the mosque? Is it fard to follow a Madhab? What are the different types of scholars? Do you believe in Azabul Qabr?..

Social System

What is Brotherhood? Is there equality between male and female? What are the rules of getting engaged in Islam? Is Polygamy allowed in Islam?..

Economic System

Are we allowed to use Credit Cards/Debit Cards? Is there any Copyright in Islam? Can we go Window-Shopping? Can women go out and Work?..

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Did you know that calculating your zakahat correctly is a duty? Simply making up an arbitory value is wrong and your amounts you pledge for zakhat automatically become sadqa instead? So don't be ignorate of your duty and use our calculator today to calculate your REAL zakhat amounts.

Our calculator features:

1. Easy to use and understand
2. Clearly outlines Shari'ah rules and regulations
3. Recommendations
4. Exemptions (inc. Jewelery)

5. Clearly traceable sources
6. Who to distribute too, and why?
7. Designed for the UK and Worldwide!
8. Certificate Printout Acknowledgement

Makes you feel confident that you sucessfully completed your duty correctly.

By calculating your Zakhat, you gain reward from Allah(swt) Download Zakhat Calcucluator v1.02tenfold!

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Harun Yahya
To further their campaign against Muslims, the congestion charging is one way to monitor Mohammed as he drives into town! - Who are they trying to fool?
Rde on the Hogwarts Express to Hell. What is Hollywood all about?


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