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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  


Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

and more...

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Knowledge Centre

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Watch the history of Islam; how it enlightened the world in terms of faith, morality and civilization. See the tolerance and rationality of Islam.
Read the irrationality of those who believe in the mythical power of chance, denying the amazing design in nature that point God's creation.
Nobody knows what will happen in the next few hours or even in seconds. Time flies in the countdown to one's own death. Every day brings that predestined day closer.
In this film you are invited to see the true nature of our worldly existence.

It is a short and deceptive life in which worldly desires seem fascinating and full of promise, but the truth is much different. Keep in mind: This film may be your final warning to remind you of death!...
And lead you to rethink about your duties to God and the hereafter.

We are at a turning point in the history of mankind. Atheism, that has so influenced the world of science and thought since the 18th century, is now undergoing an inevitable collapse.

In this film you will see how the most basic assumptions of atheism collapsed with scientific, political and sociological developments in the past decades. From the theories of Charles Darwin or Sigmund Freud, to the fall of communism or the hippie dream, see how the atheist dogma falls at the dawn of the 21st century.

click me !!!Biomimetics: Technology Imitates Nature
Did you know that the architect of the Eiffel tower was inspired by the femur, the lightest and strongest bone of the human body? This is just an example of what we are going to tell you in this film.

Everywhere, every living being, from plants to animals, on land and in sea, is equipped with amazing features. The purpose of this film is to show that the things people think they have attained with their own skill already exist in nature and to remind how wrong it is for man to be arrogant. Duration: 60 minutes
Click to begin !!!Qur'an Leads the Way to Science
Scientific observation introduces man to the mysteries of creation, and ultimately, to God's eternal knowledge, wisdom and power. As stated by Albert Einstein, "science without religion is lame", which is to say, that science, unguided by religion, cannot proceed correctly, but rather, wastes much time in achieving results, and worse, is often inconclusive.

Islam is a religion of reason that encourages science. Watch this film to see how the Qur'an leads the way to science by calling on people to reflect upon and examine the signs of creation around them.
Duration: 60 minutes
CLICK ME TO VIEW !!!Islam Denounces Terrorism
This film, produced by the Science Research Foundation, a Harun Yahya institution, presents the Muslim response to and denunciation of terrorism. Beginning with the event of September 11, the film explains that all kinds of violence against civilians are crimes against humanity and grave sins in religious terms.

It is also stressed that terrorism is an inherent feature of secular ideologies like communism, fascism and racism. In contrast, all theistic religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - are opposed to terrorism and their ultimate goal is to bring peace and brotherhood to mankind.
CLICK ME TO START !!!The Collapse of Evolution
Various branches of science developed since the formulation of Darwinism have demonstrated that this theory is nothing but an imaginary scenario. This documentary examines this scientific collapse of Darwinism in three chapters:

1) The Origin of Life
2) Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution
3) The Fossil Record
Duration: 62 minutes
CLICK ME To START !!!Deep Thinking
Have you ever thought that the Earth you are now walking on is moving at a speed of 1,670 kilometers an hour?
Have you ever thought why your hair constantly grows, while your eyebrows and eyelashes stay fixed? Wouldn't it be bad otherwise?

Have you ever thought about all the wondrous happenings in and around you?

This film is an invitation to think so. Because in the Qur'an God invites us to think about the living things that He has created. Duration: 60 minutes
Books translated in Urdu
We Question The Lottery?: Lottery is a form of gambling, so why are Muslims desperate to play?

Truths for KIDS
Light hearted view that appeals to kids of all ages.

Source: Harun Yahya website

The Creation of Mankind
A presentation showing how the creator of mankind Allah(swt) facilitates the process of birth and allows makind to exist. An excellent presentation.

Source: Harun Yahya website

The Big Bang
A presentation showing how the creator of mankind Allah(swt) created the universe. See how modern science and astronomy proves the existance of Allah(swt).

Source: Harun Yahya website
Mankind's Greatest Question?
Day in, day out we live on this earth, growing, breathing, moving. Yet, we find ourselves living our lives without thinking about how we came about. Although the only certainty in this life is the fact that we are going to die we do not think about what is after this life. This book explains using a rational, logical premise from where abouts we came, where we are going to and our purpose for existence!

Road to Jannah
Allah (swt) has enjoined it upon the Muslims to follow Muhammed (saw) as the only example we should emulate. Therefore, it becomes incumbent upon us to study the life of Muhammed (saw) and his companions to see how they led their lives according to the Wahi that Muhammed (saw) received from Allah (swt). The Road to Jannah gives a vivid account of how Muhammed's (saw) continued struggle transformed the Jahilliyah at the time of the Quraysh to the Islamic Authority.

Our first Quiz for those who think they know everything!
Our Second Quiz, testing your brains for functionality
New to Islam and want to find out what Islam is all about?
Top Ten Misconceptions about Islam
Three Steps to become a real Muslim!
Special Reports I: Muslim should know by necessity
Special Reports II: Muslim should know by necessity
Usul Ul Fiqh: Muslim should learn what is permitted, forbidden, disliked or permissible in Islam.
Q&A Islamic Fiqh Page
What Music is allowed from Islamic verdict
Makkah- Madina: The present generation does not recall the Islamic State that implemented Islam.
Newborn Child: What every Muslim father and Mother should know about the first days with there new-born Muslim child.
It is quite clear that their are two camps amongst the Muslims worldwide. Which camp are you in?
The Myth of Indianism! Is india a Country or a Continent?

Animals, Do they have a soul? What makes them different?

Marriage - Jewels of Advice
The direct consequences of life without the Islamic state are too numerous to detail in this work, encompassing all aspects of life be they social, political, economic, ritual and ruling. However, in this short series of essay, a particular example has been highlighted, that of Marriage. In this work, advise taken directly from the Qur’an and the Sunnah has been presented to both the newly weds and to those who have spent many years in wedded companionship as how to maintain the Islamic household, and more importantly how to maintain marital relationships.when all around people are floundering and unfortunately ending in divorce. ...
Al-Zulm : Oppression
These are undoubtably testing times we as Muslims are living through. We have no Islamic authority, our brothers and sisters around the world are under seige and are being slaughtered in their Millions. Oppression against Man is widespread with no Islamic Law being implemented. This booklet explores different types of oppression mankind is facing, and the Islamic method of liberating mankind from the corruption we have befallen upon ourselves.

The Islamic Education System
The majority of the first generation migrants travelled to the West from the East because of financial reasons becoming 'economic migrants'. However, once settled, the next generation were sent to schools and educational establishments whose sole purpose was to challenge the Islamic ideology and misguide our children with falsities such as "freedom", "liberalism", "nationalism" to name but a few. How will the Islamic Education system counter this and function once the

Al-Hajj & Umrah
This is a brief explanation on how to perform the Islamic duties of Hajj and Umrah. Hajj is an important institution in Islam, included as one of the five pillars. Each year it demonstrates the non-racist, universality of the Islamic ideology in an act that encompasses well over 2 million people, men and women, of each and every nationality found on this earth.

The Role of the Mosque
The mosque was one of the first institutions established by Muhammed (saw) after he (saw) emigrated to Madinah in 622 CE. He (saw) went on to build many mosques during his leadership in Madinah and his noble Sahabah continued in the same process after his death. The very nature of the mosque dictates that it is central to the affairs of the muslims, hence it has many roles.
This book essentially highlights the diverse role that the mosque is expected to play, based on the example of the Prophet Muhammed (saw).

Groups and Parties on Islam
Ever since the destruction of the Khilafah in 1924, there have been numerous Islamic movements who have arisen to return this authority to the Muslims. However, more recently, some scholars (notably from Saudi Arabia) have begun to comment that Groups in Islam are prohibited since they divide the Ummah into different Firaqs (sects). This booklet counteracts their claims using quotes from many of the Salafu Saleeheen and highlights the obvious distinction between Firqah and Jama'at.

The Virtue of Tawheed
Tawheed Al-Ruboobiyyah or Tawheed Al-Uloohiyyah alone will not make someone Muslim. They must be both together in order for the person to be Muwahid and Mumin. Secularism is the meanifestation of Tawheed Al-Ruboobiyyah alone without Tawheed Al-Uloohiyyah, i.e. the recognition that Allah (swt) is the Creator and the Provider but lacking in illustrating this belief in their actions. It is essential that we study
Tawheed in order to apply it to all aspects of
our life so that we do not do Shirk in our belief
or our actions.


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To further their campaign against Muslims, the congestion charging is one way to monitor Mohammed as he drives into town! - Who are they trying to fool?
Rde on the Hogwarts Express to Hell. What is Hollywood all about?


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