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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  


Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

and more...

FASTrak to a Heading  
Latest News & Views
Jihad Operations in Afghanistan UPDATE!
From October 21, 2001, Jihad Unspun staff and researchers began tracking military casualties in the US war on
“terrorism” campaign in Afghanistan from approximately 40 international news sources daily. Although limited information on the extent of casualties suffered in Afghanistan by US and Coalition troops has appeared in main stream North American press, this has not been the case in other parts of the globe. This report documents their research.
Propaganda - Preachers, Pulpits and Pirates:
Followers of the news will regularly come across propaganda disseminated through the media channels. The coverage of the war in Iraq has ensured that the average person is aware of this ubiquitous phenomenon.

This topic is of vital importance, largely because propaganda can have huge effects on public opinion. Although, not always in a manner desired by propagandists. The power of propaganda has grown proportionally to the growth of a mass media.
The Road Map to Nowhere:
George W Bush and his lapdog Tony Blair have been promising an elusive document for years. I’m not talking about their letters of resignation, although that would go down well with many.

The document in question is the roadmap for Middle-East ‘peace’. It would not be overly cynical to argue that this is nothing more than a way of appeasing the Islamic World and maintaining the shaky thrones of its Western backed tyrants.
Old for New:
Every now and then the manufacturers of products such as washing powder and toothpaste proclaim that they have produced a new formula.

We have become used to being bombarded with words such as, “bigger and better”, “fresher and cleaner”, even “new - traditional” and of course “new and improved”.   The Lies of the UN, doing the bidding of America & Britian. Read more...

Occupation of IRAQ:
After Saddam the Muslims of Iraq are subjugated by their new Masters! Read more...

A Guide to Determining the World's Endowment
and Depletion of Oil
by C.J. Campbell (Petroleum Consultant) © March 31, 1998

It is hard to think of any aspect of our modern life that is not vitally dependent on cheap oil-based energy: driving to work; the tractor in the field; the ships on the sea; the airliners overhead; not to mention the military with its thirst for oil. It is the same whether we depend on a rural bus in central
India or a commuter train into Manhattan. We all use oil and have come to depend on it. If it were suddenly to cost double, we would certainly notice; and the new economy that would inevitably result would surely affect our lives in many important ways. Read more...

Mosul Massacre: GI Joe, the new Baa’th party executioner
It appears that the old regime of Iraq has simply had a change of leadership. The tyrant Saddam has been replaced by the tyrant Bush. Read more...

The reality of how the invading forces of the United States are fooling the world! Read more...

Translation of the 2nd press release coming from the leadership of Jihad in Baghdad from the Media Department Read more...

Translation of the 1st press release given by Sheikh Abu Iyad the Amir of the Mujahideen in Baghdad. Read more...

Western Plan to sustain world dominance by pludering the wealth of the Muslim Nation
What will happen to the Muslims of Iran, Saudi Arabia when the Oil runs out? Read more...

The UN a tool of exploitation by the Colonialists
Muslims must realise how this organisation functions and how it is used against the Muslim Nation, i.e YOU!  Read more...
Implimenting the Islamic Shariah (Sharia Law)
Why are Muslims turning towards Allah(Swt) Law rather than International toilet Law?   Read more...

Heroism comes in many forms
Why are Muslims beliving in the hype that self-sacrafice is to be abhorred?
Question: What is the greatest sacrifice that a human being could possibly carryout for his fellow people (humanity) and for his creator Allah(swt).

: Without compulsion give up there life inorder to protect the life, honor and dignity of his fellow kinsmen and please his Lord Allah(swt). What higher sacrifice could their possibly be?
Read more ....

President Pervez Musharraf said Islamic
countries are backward

Allah(swt) describes the Muslim Nation as the best nation ever to be brought to mankind. Mr. musharraf says,".. the Muslims are backward and are in the dark ages". Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has said Islamic countries will remain backward unless they concentrate more on scientific and technological development. He said, "..Today we are the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race".

Read more ....

Criminal Justice Bill aimed at Political Muslims in UK

While Britain is diverted by the War against the Muslim nation, the British government has stepped up its relentless campaign to further erode civil liberties by deviously proposing the reform of the Criminal Justice system. These changes will affect Political Muslims living in the UK, whether holding citizenship or not but will allow the state to do the following:

Read more ....

Tactical Maps and Regional War Maps.
Courtesy of

A Military Plan Going Wrong! Check out latest pictures of British troops loosing battles in Iraq. Massive desertions have been reported as British troops are being systamaticaly killed (KIA) by the thousands!

These pictures have been supressed by the British Government to avoid negative public opion against the Isreali planned war.

Murderous Musharaf killed Muslims in Afghanistan
How the Pakistani Government Helped the Americans Kill innocent Men, Women and Children in Afghanistan. Now we know it was for US Dollars $$$. Blood Sucking Bastards.

AC130_GunshipMed (4,69 Mb). A small village is destroyed (from a AC130 airplane) and everyone is killed mercyless. Men, women, children: from that altittude you are only an infrared spot. This is the danger the U.S. imposes on the world, the Kafir have no value for life. No one is safe from their evil.
Courtesy of

The brutal "Shock and Awe" military strategy devised by the Zionist Harlan Ullman is taking a horrific toll on the Iraqi children of Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq. Ullman is a Jewish “defense intellectual.” He was the Navy's “head of extended planning” and taught at the National War College. One of his students was Secretary of State Colin Powell, who says he “raised my vision several levels.” Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

A FAQ on Depleted Uranium - What is it? and why is it being used by the US and Britian forces against the Muslim Nation?

CAMP X-ray : A Shame for the so called Civilized World -
A question to the Civilized World : Are Humans to be treated like Animals?

Arab world seethes in war commentary -With bitterness, occasional insults and pathos, the Arab world has admitted its impotence in the face of unfolding events in Iraq while warning the United States of a new wave of terror.
From the Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean, virtually unanimously, Arab television, newspapers and magazines say the war's aim is U.S. hegemony in the region and control of its vast oil resources. Exceptions are some media outlets in Gulf countries committed to the United States.

The twenty lies of George W. Bush - Monday night’s 15-minute speech by President Bush, setting a 48-hour deadline for war against Iraq, went beyond the usual distortions, half-truths, and appeals to fear and backwardness to include a remarkable number of barefaced, easily refuted lies.

This IS a 'War on Islam'! - Latest news on the war against the Muslim nation.
Western countries resort to desperate measure to
subjugate Islam
- If you thought Iraq was under attack by the Kaffir, wrong again. The Kaffir are attacking that which is more dear to you - Political Islam. Overthrow your planted governments before they too become casulties like Iraq.
The Children of Iraq. What has nine years of UN sanctions accomplished?
This War is Illegal, but so is International Law
Iraq is being attacked at four fronts
The Real Donald Rumsfield - How as an envoy of the Ronald Reagan Administration played a part to assist the Iraqi President Saddam Hussian to kill fellow Muslims in Iran and Kurds but not to use the very same upon Isreali, i.e Its OK to kill Muslims but not the Jews!
Imprison first and ask questions later, is this justice? - Many thousands of Muslims of numerous nationalities have been locked up without charge by the FBI. Their release, much less apologies, is not likely to be forthcoming.

Valentine’s Day? Why is this day celebrated throughout the western world, even now by some Muslim's?

Aftermath: Stop the War Coalition! Who spoke, preached and rallied the Kafir to who's cause or agenda?

Congestion Charging in London? Why people need
to be monitored
! To further their campaign against Muslims, the congestion charging is one way to monitor Mohammed as he drives into town! - Who are they trying fool?

Stop the War Coalition! Are Muslims permitted by Islam to march alongside the Kaffir agenda?

The War on Iraq that never stopped!
Stop burning flags!, first remove your dispotic governments!
The civilians of Iraq are reading themselves for a confrontation with the invading forces of the US. The following extract is taken from an email from a civilian. This will not be a gulfwar but a War that will be bloody with fatalities occuring on both sides and major US losses!
Demonstrations. What better way to vent ones anger by taking part in public demonstration! - or is it?
The clock is ticking!  Life is short so use your energy in the best way possible ... read on and you might learn something!
The True Motives Behind The Impending War on Iraq. The US & her Allies are indeed global criminals!
Should Muslims be concentrating on learning more about Shari'ah over Fiqh? It should be emphasized that the two are related and that one supports the other at times of difficulty.
What is the Islamic View on Terrorism? - ITG look into what the Islamic view on terrorism 
What should Muslims be feeling? If you don't feel the plight of the Ummah you are one of the Walking dead! Read and start feeling again!
Can a Muslim become a Kaffir? - This is possible, we explain how?
Can Muslims celebrate Christmas and New Year?
Muslims have been caught celebrating when it is forbidden - We look into this and more! 
Are their two categories of Muslims in the world today? - Illumi Muslims go to Hellfire while Usuli Muslims won't - So which are you? And its time to choose!!! 
Interfaith - A western policy to misguided Muslims - Interfaith is simply not allowed, because other faiths are Batil (falsehood) so why mix?  
Christian Missionary Assault - Methods employed by the church to mislead mankind 
Concepts: Crusade? - The Ideological Attack   
Concepts: Freedom - Freedom a term used by the west to subdue the masses? 
Indoctrination - Kaffir Methods of Indoctrination - We delve into how mankind is being brainwashed by the Zionist’s Jews.  
Islam uncivilized - ITG investigate whether Islam is uncivilized, especially when stated by western media.
Boycott Brands! - The Kaffir are selling slogans that are defaming Islam and Muslims worldwide
Is the world running out of Oil? Why have the America's, British and European's still oppress the Muslims using their planted governments within the |Muslim lands? How important is Oil to western way of life?
Kufr Arab Peace Plans [1] [2] - How should Muslims view the peace plans of the Arab Governments? Arabs devise a peace plan on their own? - we think not!

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Harun Yahya
To further their campaign against Muslims, the congestion charging is one way to monitor Mohammed as he drives into town! - Who are they trying to fool?
Rde on the Hogwarts Express to Hell. What is Hollywood all about?


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