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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  


Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

and more...

FASTrak to a Heading  
Regional Showcases

US blackouts as NewYork claims insurance:
Did the American government blame the NewYork blackouts due to an act of god?

Liberia's Charles Taylor goes into exile in Nigeria:
We look into the real reason why America has interviened?

The Peace Process
The continued oppression exerted by the occupying Israelis in the land of Palestine serves as a continuous reminder at the failure of all the Kufr so-called Muslim governments in the region. This book details the Fatawa given by many eminent scholars of Islam since Israel's illegal inception and also includes an expose of the term Anti-Semitism which is used as a whip by the Jews to silence any critical comments directed against their evil handiwork.

America at War with Islam
This book written a few years ago now shows how America has continuingly been at the forefront in its war against Islam. The Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan and now the War in the Phillipines highlight but a few examples in which the US are active against our Muslim Brethren. This book highlights a particular case example and gives an Islamic solution to the Cancer known as America.
US of Kufr - The USA a legitimate target?
Who rules America? - We look into who really runs the show!  
UN forces engage in prostitution racket & sex trafficking in Bosnia - We Report on what the Kaffir are implementing in Bosnia & Kossavo. Who are DynaCorp? and United Nation troops having illicit sex with 14 year old Bosnian girl.
Kashmir - Atrocities after atrocity and no one does anything, 60 pathetic Muslims countries that can't even cross over to a neighboring Muslim land without consulting the Kaffir UN? Lets get rid of these generals who adore their fake medals. Soldiers of Islam overthrow your generals and take charge. 
Algeria - Lets work to destroy the French led Kufir insurgence into our Muslim lands. Lets revive the Muslim Armies in the Muslim lands. We call Muslims to rise up against their Kufir governments and move the army to secure Muslim Land, honor & dignity.  
Pakistan - Lets work to rid the government of Pakistan which is implementing Kufr upon the Muslims. We urge the Muslims of the Ummah of Muhammad(saaw) to overthrow their despotic governments and use the draft constitution (PDF) as outlined on this website with the support of the army - take control!
Bonn Agreement - The Bonn agreement consolidates the American control over Afghanistan and lays the basis for uprooting Islam from it.   
Documented Atrocities in Kashmir- We must reunite the ummah not divide it further!
Islam an African Legacy! - Muslims in Africa will be citizens of the Khilafah Islamic State once more!
Response to Hindu Aggression - Hindu's attack and kill Muslim men, women and children indiscriminently with rank hatred!
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Harun Yahya
To further their campaign against Muslims, the congestion charging is one way to monitor Mohammed as he drives into town! - Who are they trying to fool?
Rde on the Hogwarts Express to Hell. What is Hollywood all about?


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