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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  
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Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

and more...

FASTrak to a Heading  
Video Centre
The following videos are for information purposes only. They provide a unique insight into the world we live in and open our eyes to the true nature of the non-belivers.

American World Domination Plans

British Plans
American Plans
German Plans
Ango-American Plan
War Sanctions
New America
Case for War
The Handover

IRAQ: The Real Story
These mini-videos present an historical view that clearly identifies why America, Europe and especially Britain have conspired against the Muslims over the Ummahs oil resources. Keep in mind that these oil resources will run out in 2020 so if the Muslims want a foot hold, they better reunify the 60 Muslim countires into one Super Islamic State (Ummah).

Source: Various

Can Muslim women vote in elections whther they be living in the UK or Egypt, Jordan or Indonisia. This programme discusses the evidences and shows how when confronted with the truth the hipocrites have no leg to stand on. Anti-Islamic concepts like adherance to the law of the land, citizenship and the incorrect term British Muslim?
: Islaam Channel
What do political parties in the UK have to offer the Muslim Youth. Question and Answer session to pannel and hidden anti-islamic agendas of the of political parties is clearly witnessed.
: Islaam Channel
Iraq Occupied
Land (Video)

This compelling documentary film charts the recent history of Iraq from the fall of the Ottoman Islamic State, looking at its corrupt rulers and the plans of the imperialist powers. Depicting the failure of the Nationalist, Communists, Nasserites and Ba'thist movements and how they spread choas across Iraq in their bitter struggle over authority, finally returning Iraq to direct colonialism.

This is a must see for any Muslim who cares about the state of the Ummah and wants to accurately comprehend the bitter and difficult experiment which is Iraq's recent history and the mistakes which must never be repeated again.




The Method To Establish The Khilafah (Video)

This film explains that the matter of Khilafah is not a utopia but rather a vital and pressing obligation upon every Muslim today. That this is not a matter of idealism, for the enemies of Islam know that the Khilafah is an inevitable reality that they can only put temporary obstacles in front of, and they work day and night to distance the Muslim ummah from this work. (Approx 54 minutes)



King Fahd Displaying his True Belief
Documentary proof that the British appointed Oppressor of Muslims is conspiring against the Muslim Ummah.


American Perverted Justice in Iraq
A video sequencing the torture of Iraqis and a clip illustrating the pervertion of US soldiers


Interview on Richard and Judy Show Ch4
OBM Interview on Richard and Judy Show Ch4


Expansion of Islam to present day
ISLAM Cannot be confined to a small land, it is a divine ideology that will encompass the whole Earth! Providing justice to all mankind?



Some linguistic terms used throughout the lectures can be understood by Reading the book - "Usul-Ul-Fiqh".

Need to Calculate
your Zakhat?

Did you know that calculating your zakahat correctly is a duty? Simply making up an arbitory value is wrong and your amounts you pledge for zakhat automatically become sadqa instead? So don't be ignorate of your duty and use our calculator today to calculate your REAL zakhat amounts.

Our calculator features:

1. Easy to use and understand
2. Clearly outlines Shari'ah rules and regulations
3. Recommendations
4. Exemptions (inc. Jewelery)

5. Clearly traceable sources
6. Who to distribute too, and why?
7. Designed for the UK and Worldwide!
8. Certificate Printout Acknowledgement

Makes you feel confident that you sucessfully completed your duty correctly.

By calculating your Zakhat, you gain reward from Allah(swt) Download Zakhat Calcucluator v1.02tenfold!

Download Zakhat Calcucluator v1.02

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Harun Yahya
To further their campaign against Muslims, the congestion charging is one way to monitor Mohammed as he drives into town! - Who are they trying to fool?
Rde on the Hogwarts Express to Hell. What is Hollywood all about?


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