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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  


Khilafah II

This sequal will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.

and more...

FASTrak to a Heading  
Whats Really
Going on?

Revealed: U.N.'s plan for world government
Sovereignty to the Kafir, not Allah(swt)! Supported by the Puppet regimes throughout the Muslim world.

Extract: The United Nations and the United States are engaged in a major battle over American sovereignty – the last major impediment to global governance – according to the May edition of WND's acclaimed monthly magazine, Whistleblower.

Differentiating between tradition and Islam:
Muslim youth growing up in the West face many problems which some associate with Islam, but have nothing to do with it and everything to do with backward traditions that totally contradict the Quran and Sunnah. Read more...

A Guide to Determining the World's Endowment
and Depletion of Oil
by C.J. Campbell (Petroleum Consultant) © March 31, 1998

It is hard to think of any aspect of our modern life that is not vitally dependent on cheap oil-based energy: driving to work; the tractor in the field; the ships on the sea; the airliners overhead; not to mention the military with its thirst for oil. It is the same whether we depend on a rural bus in central
India or a commuter train into Manhattan. We all use oil and have come to depend on it. If it were suddenly to cost double, we would certainly notice; and the new economy that would inevitably result would surely affect our lives in many important ways. Read more...
U.S. WMD Terror Campaign worldwide
AC130_GunshipMed (4,69 Mb). A small village is destroyed (from a AC130 airplane) and everyone is killed mercyless. Men, women, children: from that altittude you are only an infrared spot. This is the danger the U.S. imposes on the world, the Kafir have no value for life. No one is safe from their evil.
Courtesy of
We Question The Lottery?: Lottery is a form of gambling, so why are Muslims desperate to play?
Ever since the Renaissance, the Western World has been trying to subdue and diminish the role religion plays in life's affairs. Being successful with Christianity, Judaism and all the other religions in the world, the focus has now turned to Islam. Not content with apostatising from Islam, the Secularists have become the new Western face of Islam encouraging others to leave Islam's fold with such comments as Jihad is only spiritual! We do not need an Islamic State! We follow & Obey the Law of this (Kufr) Land!

The Wests Weapons of Mass Destruction and Colonialist Foreign Policy

QA to ITG Member at social gathering- Very Interesting read!
Americans no nothing about what's really going on! - Theirs not such thing as an American or British Muslim. Muslims are Muslim period wherever they are found.
We look into the kaffir strategy behind population control. Did you know that if half of Nigerian land, presently unfarmed where to be cultivated this would feed the whole of africa! It is estimated that the world can cater for a populatioon of 60 billion, we are only 6 billion to date so why the hysteria? This again is a plan to undermine the Ummah of Muhammad(saaw).
There is a link between Abortion & Breast Cancer
- What about the Muslim women in the developing world! We look into the link that is being swept under the carpet. Also, latest developments in genetic drugs to fight cancer, diseases, disabilities but only for those who are rich and live in the western world! We ask what about the best nation brought to
mankind,i.e. the Muslims?
The Myth of Population Crises - The Kaffir are lieing to the world and have an agenda to over populate the world with kafirs! ITG look into the kaffir strategy to stop Muslims from having children so that Muslim governments can continue to aid the western powers. The greater the number of people, the more the demand and the greater risk of destabilising governments as people call for a better system.
We look into why Santa Clause is ritually worshiped - In the western world Muslim children at school are fed Santa at a very early age! Muslim Parents be aware, protect them from this worship!  
April Fools Day - What is the significance of 1st of April every year celebrate throughout the world! Should Muslims be celebrating this event? We look into the historical facts and allow you to decide for yourself
International Debt Game - ITG look into the International Debt Game and see why the Muslim countries "Developing Countries" that hold the worlds resources are made poor by the west "Developed Countries". - How do they do that?
The Dajjalic Priesthood! - The Role of Psychiatry and "Self-help" in Instituting the New World Order
Boycott Brands! - The Kaffir are selling slogans that are defaming Islam and Muslims worldwide
Is the world running out of Oil? Why have the America's, British and European's still oppress the Muslims using their planted governments within the |Muslim lands? How important is Oil to western way of life?
A new Diversion - As the US use North Korea as a smoke screen! - Are the peoples of the world going to be smoke screened again by the viperous United snakes of America and her allies?  
The Secret World: What are the plans of the zionist and who are the freemassons? We learn about a secret world uincovered!
The Kufr state of Saudi Arabia, the Kaba ihas been taken hostage!Saudi Regime:
A Tyrannical family from an historical perspective. Why and How the Saudi Regime was created by the British, A family designed to
sell out the Muslim wealth, the ties
with the British freemasons, her foreign and internal affairs is governed by Whitehall, Fahad is not a Arab, a Muslim but a Kafir! We delve into why this regime like others should be toppled and replaced by the Khilafah Islamic State.
Tony Blair Project: If Tony Blair may legitimately kill any person X, Y, or Z in Belgrade or Freetown, to enforce his values, then why is it not legitimate for them to come to London, and kill
Tony Blair for their values?
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Harun Yahya
To further their campaign against Muslims, the congestion charging is one way to monitor Mohammed as he drives into town! - Who are they trying to fool?
Rde on the Hogwarts Express to Hell. What is Hollywood all about?


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