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UK Legally Convicted Criminals

Name & Shame

Due to popular demand,we have received many emails and requests to have a Name and Shame section to our website. Upon looking at the legal aspects of having such a webpage it makes sense to consult the Law concerning such information being made public and after careful consideration we have decided to host a Name and Shame section to our site.

There are Specific Rules & Guidelines that will be applied to all materials submitted for entry into the name and Shame page on the ITG Website and these are shown with clear references. Please read through the rules & Guidelines before submitting any materials.

The Name & Shame section of the website will list outcomes of legal cases in England where convicted members of society are named and shamed over what they had done and help identify such criminals who have been legally sentenced by an English Court in the UK.


Name(s) Location Case Year
Christopher Yates Murder
Imran Maqsood,Sajid Zulfiqar,Zahid Bashir

Old Bailey, Crown Court Murder Nov 2005
Shafilea Ahmed trial:
Iftikhar Ahmed and Farzana Ahmed

Chester Crown Court Murder, Perverting the course of Justice Aug 2012

Rochdale Nine:
Kabeer Hassan,Abdul Aziz,Abdul Rauf,Adil Khan,Mohammed Sajid, Mohammed Amin,Hamid Safi,Abdul Qayyum,Yousaf

Liverpool Crown Court Rape,conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child May 2012

Yaseen Ali Ege murder
Sara Ege

Cardiff Crown Court Murder, Perverting the course of Justice
Dec 2012
Oxford exploitation trial:
Kamar Jamil,Akhtar Dogar,Anjum Dogar,Assad Hussain,Mohammed Karrar,Bassam Karrar,Zeeshan Ahmed
Old Bailey, Crown Court rape, possessing cocaine with intent to supply, threats to kill arranging child prostitution and trafficking between 2004 and 2012. May 2013

You can complete the following form to add your Name & Shame to our hosted page.

If you are affected by the information contained in the ITG Name & Shame directory, you should complete the section below, add your Comments and suggestions giving a brief description and send it to the ITG website.  



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