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Mohammed Iftikhar Zaman and Maqsood Zulfiqar Zaman vs Zaman, Charges of Assault & Beating at Stratford’s Magistrates Court in February 2012.

Two brothers have been sentenced for Assault of a couple in Hackney in 2011.

Maqsood Zulfiqar Zaman (St. Marks Rise Hackney, Milton Road Hampton Court) and Mohammed Iftikhar Zaman (Hale End Road South Woodford), aged 42 and 40, in East London assaulted their sister (Mrs. B ) and her husband (Mr. A ) aged 38 and 42 respectively.

Maqsood Zulfiqar Zaman
Mohammed Iftikhar Zaman

The offences took place at their family residence in Hackney, London in April 29th 2011. The pair denied the charges and pleaded not guilty.

Passing sentence the judge summed up concerning Zulfiqar’s evidence in court,

Judges Summary on Maqsood Zulfiqar Zaman

“During cross-examination he was evading very clear and direct questions as to the sequence of events. It is clear while going over Zulfiqar’s actions that he should have moved away from Mrs. B rather than lunging at her. Consequently I’m quite sure of the assault of this specific type occurred, on that basis I find the assault charge against Zulfiqar Zaman to be proved."

".. What the pre-sentence report clearly states is that Maqsood Zulfiqar Zaman continues to deny that he assaulted?, I am not impressed with the pre-sentence report, the author of the report seems to be almost completely set on giving an incorrect assessment of the violence and hence the inconsideration in view to the report’s findings. I don’t quite understand and certainly don’t accept the report’s recommendations in anyway attractive."

Zulfiqar (42) who had previously been convicted for GBH, had served three years of a five year prision term at Her Majesty's Prison Service, was found guilty of a further physical assualt upon a woman and in light of his previous conviction the Judge sentenced him to 180 hours of community service in March 2012.

While passing sentence the Judge summed up concerning Iftikhar:

Judges Summary on Mohammed Iftikhar Zaman

Having listen carefully to what Mr Iftikhar Zaman himself has said, I don’t accept how he’s properly raised the issue of self-defence or indeed acting in self-defence, his claim that Mr. A was threatening or violent at this point is weak at least non-sensible, he changed his story many times and exaggerated with intent...

...In his original account he said nothing about Mr. A swearing at him, calling him an “F*n theif” and clearly he added that detail subsequently later.  Its quite clear to me that Iftikhar took hold of Mr. A at this point, not because he saw him as a threat, it was consequently not lawful for Iftikhar to take hold of Mr. A at this point, and again I find the assault on Mr. A proved. “

While diliberating the verdict, the District Judge summed up concerning Zulfiqar’s and Iftikhar's mother's evidence in court,

Judges Summary on witness Mother-In Law

"There's some suggestion that there was physical contact and threatening behaviour occurred upon the plaintiff in the kitchen by the witness, but it is fair to say that it’s not this part of the incident that the crown are relying on to establish their case .."

..Her approach in her evidence is greatly in proportion firstly to her angry and ill tempered way in which she delivered it, and secondly the way she gave me the impression that her two sons Iftikhar and Zulfiqar could do no wrong in her eyes.

Both defendants had pleaded Not guilty to the charges of assault and where found Guilty of Assault by the District Judge at Stratford’s Magistrates Court in March 2012. The trail was deliberated over two months, questioning six witnesses and were both convicted of Assault, sentenced and received Criminal records.

Maqsood Zulfiqar Zaman was convicted with a criminal record and sentenced to 180 hours of Community service and his brother Mohammed Iftikhar Zaman was convicted with a criminal record and given a 12 month conditional discharge.

One victim said, “The sentencing was poor, it did not reflect the physical injuries received by both of us. They got away by planning and inflicting terrible appalling crimes' upon us. Justice was not served.”.     

Case Materials submitted:

# Ref Type Description
1. Court Case 01GN017761 - Stratford Magistartes Court Mar2012
2. Lead Pictures Copyright Owner Provided. inc Submitted Case Files.
3. File #1 Victim Personal Statement to the Police [PDF] Ref: #4
4. Guidlines VPS Research 2011 - it would helpful to bring together recent judgments in which VPS have been cited, to better understand the role of VPS at sentencing from the perspective of the judiciary.
5. File #2 Trial: Mother-In Law lies for sons & admits to assualting Mr. A. under cross examination.
6. File #3 Transcript-E113-Case-No-01GN0177611-version 1  
7.   Assessment of Trial 01GN017761  





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