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Jihad & Political Matters:
These questions have been posed to Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad - Principal Lecturer of the School of Shari'ah

The Reality on the Ground!

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- What is your view on the American Forces in Saudi Arabia?

The presence of the American and British forces in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq or any part of Muslim countries is a crime and aggression against the sanctity of Muslims and Muslim land. Whether the people agree upon it or not, whether the current rulers sign treaties with them or not… Therefore they are legitimate targets for Muslims and Muslims in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq are obliged to fight them in order to kick them out of Muslim land. Allah (SWT) forbids us to accept non-believers in authority over us let alone if they become the protectors!!

NB. Any agreement or treaty Islam forbids is not binding on us even if some Muslims or illegitimate rulers agree upon them.


- Are we allowed to seek Political Asylum?

It is permissible to seek political asylum as a refugee in order to protect your life. The messenger Muhammad (saw) sent some Muslims from Makkah to the Christian king of Habasha (Abbasinia) in order to seek protection and refuge.


- What does Islam say about Terrorism?

Q What dose Islam say about violence, terrorism, killing people, cutting hands, lashing, slavery, polygamy and jihad?
Islam is indeed a Mercy for Mankind. Muslims do not usually use the above terminologies because they have certain negative meanings in the western world. However I am going to use them because Islam uses such terminology but with particular divine meanings

There are two types of violence:
1- Violence which is pro-life: e.g. using force by a divine authority against criminals, burglars or murderers etc. to save lives, property and the honour of innocent people. This type of violence is lawful in Islam and called the penal System in Islam. In addition God terrorises us with Hell-Fire in order to save our lives from it.

2- Violence against life: e.g. The use of force by murderers, burglars or criminals against innocent people and their lives, honour or property. This type of violence is unlawful in Islam and called crime.

There are two types of Terrorism:
1- Divine Terrorism: e.g. Military preparation, Military fighting or activities in order to terrorise and defeat enemies occupying your land or in order to remove obstacles between people and divine justice i.e. Gods law and order in society (without any compulsion in religion i.e. without forcing personal belief or faith). This type of Divine Terrorism is obligatory in Islam and called Jihad and the just fighters are called Mujahideen.

2- Man-made Terrorism: e.g. Military preparation, Military fighting or activities in order to terrorise and kill innocent people, exploit their properties, land and to colonise them for personal interest, gain, greed, leadership or ambition. This type of Terrorism is Prohibited in Islam and called As-Siyyal and these so-called fighters are called terrorists or gangsters.

As far as the other topics are concerned i.e. punishing people, cutting hands of thieves, lashing fornicators and so on they are part of the violence which is pro-life. Islam Forbids slavery i.e. Riqq, Islam permits Muslims to marry four wives and Jihad is the Foreign Policy of the Islamic State. However, all the above rules are detailed matters and what is the most important point is their rational basis i.e. belief.


- Are we allowed to mutilate dead bodies?

We must differentiate between mutilating slowly as an ugly art of torturing until death and between Swift mutilating as a divine punishment… In fact there is no contradiction at all if we understand the following points:

1- Mutilating organs of a living being slowly until death (Al-Muthlah)
2- Mutilating an organ of a living being swiftly without death (as a Punishment) e.g. cutting the hand of the thief because Allah (swt) says: "As for the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from God, for their crime: and God is exalted in power" [EMQ 5:41].

3- Mutilating organ(s) swiftly in order to kill a criminal (as Capital Punishment) e.g. Cutting off the head of the Murderer swiftly as a divine punishment. Allah (swt) says: "The punishment of those who wage war against God and His messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution…..." [EMQ 5: 36]

In Europe they use to use the guillotine but nowadays in the west they use machine guns, hanging or the electric chair in order to kill the criminal as punishment. The Definition of Mutilation (Al-Muthlah) in Juristic terminology is 'the slow cutting of the organs of a living being (human or animal) organ by organ until death.'

Note: This mutilation is Haram (prohibited) in Islam whether for animals or humans (Muslim or non-Muslim e.g. enemy or not). The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: "Warning, for those who mutilate even a mad dog" And the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: "If anyone of you wish to slaughter an animal e.g. a sheep, let him sharpen his knife, relax his animal, say Bismillah and Allahu Akbar and do it swiftly."

Note: Imaam Ali (raa) was in the battlefield when he cut off someone's head swiftly during fighting. Whereas the Sahabi who killed swiftly Ka'eb did so as a response to a special order from the Messenger (as head of the Islamic state) and this is evidence that political assassination is the job of the state and not the individual.


- Are we allowed to visit Palestine on Holiday?

Palestine is Daar ul-Ghasib (i.e. Muslim land under occupation) it is not Daar ul-Holiday!! Therefore it is prohibited to visit Kashmir or Palestine etc. without the intention (Niyyah) of Jihad i.e. to fight physically or to support the Jihad financially or verbally.


- Am I allowed to answer these questions for US Citizenship?

In general you are not allowed to lie which includes the answering of questions. Regarding the Question "Have you ever advocated or practiced polygamy?" the Answer is subjective to the words "advocated" or practiced" but remember that the Qur'an advocates the practicing of polygamy.
For "Do you believe in the Constitution and form of government of the U.S?" the answer must be NO.
For "Are you willing to take full Oath of Allegiance to the U.S.?" the answer must be that an Oath of Allegiance to the US government or to its constitution is haram and therefore NO.
For "If the law requires it, are you willing to bear arms on behalf of the U.S.?" the answer must be NO. For "If the law requires it, are you willing to perform non-combatant services in the Armed forces of the U.S.?" the answer must be NO.
For "If the law requires it, are you willing to perform work of national importance under civilian direction?" The answer must be NO.


- Is it allowed for Muslims to join the British Police?

For your information it is prohibited (haram) and a sin to be part of the British police regardless of your intention… and remember a good aim does not justify a prohibited means.


- Are Muslims at war with USA/UK?

Of course you don't mean USA or UK as a country e.g. roads, trees, building, animal or people etc... I think what you mean is the British Authority and its army (e.g. fighters)... Hence, Allah (swt) did not permit us to fight people because of their nationality (e.g. British or American citizenships), colour (e.g. black or white) or place of origin (e.g. Braitin or USA). Allah (swt) ordered us to fight those who fight against us as a defensive Jihad) and to fight (in offensive Jihad) as a foreign Policy of the Islamic State to remove man-made law in order to spread the Islamic Authority and that Allah (swt)'s Deen will be dominated. Without to force people to embrace Islam, rather to force the Islamic law and order.
Further, our war against Kufr and the Kuffar are divided into two types:
1- Ideological war or struggle (Islam against Kufr)
2- Physical or military war or struggle (Muslims against non-Muslims: Occupiers or aggressors)

As For the non-Muslims e.g. British or American, we are engage in Ideological struggle but definitely not a military or physical struggle. As for the British Authority and its Soldiers they are a legitimate target for those Muslims who has no Visa-treaty with them. However, for those Muslims who are under a Visa-treaty with Kuffar they must cancel their Visa-treaty in order to declare war against them. Moreover Muslims are obliged to support their Muslims brothers and sisters abroad regardless if they have visa-treaty or not. There is no obedience any person but to Allah (swt) and His messenger Muhammad (swt) and to whoever Islam ordered us to Obey as long as we did not disobey Allah (swt) or His Messenger. The Subject of the Visa-Contract is Halaal but you must not abide with any Haram terms.


- Are we allowed to forgive our Enemies?

It is prohibited upon us to forgive oppressors or occupiers.... as long as they continue to oppress and occupy. However, it is permissible for us not to chase them after they stop their occupation or oppression.


- Are we allowed to seek help from our Enemy?

Its Haraam for us as an UMMAH to accept the help from the enemies who are at war with us such as the Kufr states of USA, Britain etc. and those whom they control in the UN. As for individual Muslim who are under duress nobody can blame them (if they do so) but we Muslims who are not under Duress will be accounted and blamed since we did not rise to help, nor did we do work to establish Khilafah which would come to their aid in the times of oppression.


- Do we need our parent's permission to go to Jihad?

We must understand that Jihad as fighting (Qitaal) for the sake of Allah (swt) is two types:
1-Qitaal Mubaadaha: Initiative fighting (Gazou)
2-Qitaal Mudafa'ah: Defensive fighting (Qitaal-ud-Dafi')
For the First type of Qitaal it is required the presence and the permission of the Khaleefah (regardless of the permission of your mother with certain conditions). The Messenger as leader of the First Islamic State in Madinah did not grant permission for a person who is lonely for his mother or she is depend on him rather he said to him: "'Do you have a mother' he said: 'Yes', the Messenger reply: 'Go and perform your Jihad with her'". Whereas the second type of Qitaal i.e. Defensive fighting (Qitaal-ud-Dafi') does not required the presence nor the permission of the Khaleefah or your mother with certain exceptions.

However, the permission of mother is subjective to the reality e.g.: - Do you live in an area under attack by non-Muslims?- Do you live in an area under occupation by non-Muslims? - Is your mother living in Dar-u-Islam or not?- Is your mother dependant on you or not? - Does your mother have a Mahram or not? If you explain your detailed reality in a new question, Insha-Allah I will be to answer it for you.


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