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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Heroism comes in many forms
Why are Muslims beliving in the hype that self-sacrafice is to be abhorred?

The Reality on the Ground!

Heroism comes in many forms
Question: What is the greatest sacrifice that a human being could possibly carryout for his fellow people (humanity) and for his creator Allah(swt). Answer: Without compulsion give up there life inorder to protect the life, honor and dignity of his fellow kinsmen and please his Lord Allah(swt). What higher sacrifice could their possibly be?

So when you read books about heroic feats of fictional or real life characters who give their lives up for a cause they belive in, or in the even t a group, collective community or indeed a society lay their lives on the line for a cause. What better cause is their than the protection of your love ones, or to fight for collective ideals that you harbor within your chests, to please Allah(swt) by carrying out HIs commands in the Qur'an.

Why is then that Muslims have forgotten their duty, a global duty to enforce Islam as the ideals to live by? Why have they accepted foreign concepts that only bring out the horrific face of a humanity, that of animal behavior? Survival of the fittest or strong oppressing the weak.

Analogy time: The stronger man should have no trouble defeating his enemy who is three times smaller in size and endurance. However, give the smaller a weapon and all of a sudden the larger opponent is nowhere to be seen. I guess what Muslims need to do is learn how to defend themselfs rather than becoming a domesticated, couch potato, soap watching lout!

Sacrificing ones life must be good, because you do it for valid reasons. Lets consider a moment what a typical englishman who is patriotic to his country would say if he heard that an english solder in war where to have laid down his life after taking a bullet to the head? Well he would say that the soldier had died honorably and his death should be acknowledged by his people as a serviceman who gave up his life for his ideals?

Now I don't mean to offend but most soldiers in the British army don't really belive in the real goals of their government, they do what they are told. If they disagree then they are not good soldiers. This is not to say that they are unaware of what the task may be in conflict, only that they begin to weight up whether fighting for £10,000 pa is really enough when they maybe killed in action (KIA). Again, one should not generalize, however one can say that their reasons for fighting is because it is a duty, imposed upon them after years of traiing and a measurable loyalty to the country. We know that when this soldier dies they will go, willy-nilly to the hellfire and that they have died for a cause, be that as it may a cause none the less.

Heroic Martyr or Suicide Bomber?
Keeping this thought in your mind, what is the duty of a Muslim when he is confronted with an invading force or occupying force say armed with the latest weaponry, an enemy that enforces there own ideals and concepts, like that in Israel and indian occupied Kashmir? What is a Muslim who is being occupied, oppressed unable to travel, is strip searched, feels like a non-citizen supposed to do?

: Where should Muslims go? Who should they consult? Who is going to help them?

: Clearly Allah(swt), the creator of the universe and everything in it. The creator has left a blue print for Muslims, a user guide that informs rationally what they should do in any particular situation. That friendly user guide is the Qur'an. So when a Muslim needs guidance he or she must refer to the Qur'an, receiving reward for the action, then a further reward for thinking about it, and finally ten times the reward for applying the action. This is the correct method undertaken by usuli muslims, they are regarded as Muslims who are above all humanity, part of the best nation ever to be brought to mankind, those that are forever recognizing and gaining recognition of there relationship with their creator Allah(swt).

Now what about Muslims who are in the public eye and call for United Nations, President Bush or European countries to intervene to sort out problems in Paliestine or Kashmir? What does the PLO (note we refernce the organisation not simply the figure head) stand for when it sides with anyone who throws them a bone? Muslims who ally themselves to the PLO are commiting a kufr act by supported a further planted western regime. Lets wise up and expose Muslim led organisations that are the front line for the kafir.

Giving up ones life for their creator is the best death possible.

Definitive Qur'anic commands must be applied

Allah(swt) message and commands that are definitive in the Qur'an are universal and as such must be carried out by Muslims globally. It does not matter if a Muslim is living in the United States, United Kingdom or France you must comply, if it means that their life is lost in a protest this would be regarded as the most highest sacrifice a human could possibly archive in this temporary life - the best way to die, a death that will never be forgotten, that will be rewarded on the day of judgement, will live on and will be a supporting pillar for the Ummah to reestablish its presence again as a world power.

Lets say the Muslim does not do their duty, armed with a hundred reasons that include family commitments, wife, children you name it the list is endless. But, lets look at it from another point of view, when this Muslim is on their death bed, preparing themselves for judgment, they will only have wished they had done their duty, after all every human will face death and return is to their creator. There choice is whether to return in humiliation or success, at that point the list of reasons will mean nothing other than an extenuating, humiliating weight upon their shoulders.

When is a Muslim not a Muslim?
Life is precious, the Prophet said "that one drop of blood of the Muslim is more important than the Kabah and all its surroundings."

A litmus test on whether a Muslim is still a Muslim, consider this scenario: When a Muslim hears that a Muslim is murdered in lets say Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, in any Muslim land, it should hurt inside and they should feel sickend, unwell and above all concerned of the well being of Muslims everywhere. The death of a Muslim child should be felt like the death of there own child, not doing anything is not an option for a Muslim.

If Muslims don't experience these symptoms then they have detached themselves from the Ummah and a classified as non-mulsims. The Prophet(saaw) said "if the Muslim awakens for the the fajir prayer and feels nothing for the Ummah he is not one of us."

When a Muslim fights, especially when their land is being invaded or occupied, Allah(swt) commands:

" Fight in the way of Allah(swt) and you will be successful. And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers " [2.191].

What about Muslims wearing United Nations helmets?
he above law is definitive and applies to invading, occupying force and further includes United Nation troops. They too must be fought, regardless of their muslim origins since the United Nations is an organization which stands against Allah(swt) Law and tries to impose International Law (law of man as sovereign). Any kafir occupying force must be fought, and the muslim that kills in the name of Allah(swt) receives reward in the hereafter. Remeber it is not permitted for a Muslim to kill a fellow human being without invoking the name of Allah(swt), since it us under the command of Allah(swt) that they carryout the action of killing. Killing is part of your survival instincts and is a normal consequence of survivial so don't think of the action of killing to be abhorred.

NB: Muslims are not permitted to kill at will, performing jihad requires authorization. However under the umbrella of war any Muslim can kill and receive reward since they are protecting the lives, honor and dignity of their land and people).

Looking to the future
Now, what about Muslims that strap bomb belts around their waists and throw themselves onto tanks, tanks that maybe poised to blow-them and their house up! Think about the nephew or niece that will soon be under tons of rubble, the brother who will be crushed too death and his wife who is carrying their child. All of a sudden, a helpless, non-citizen of a zionist occupying state, an oppressor state that sees muslims not worthy of human rights, has a chance to make a difference. Without any weapons, self sacrificing is all that can be done, that will effectively disable the tank. WE ASK MUSLIMS, WOULD YOU BE AS CORRAGOUSE AS THIS? A MUSLIM WHO HAS GIVEN HIS LIVE TO ALLAH(SWT) TO PROTECT THE LIFE, HONOR AND DIGNITY OF FELLOW MEN? Are you a real muslim or a paper machete of a human being?

Lets look at it from another angle, the Israelis say that they are the victims. But are they? We disagree they are not victims only occupiers and oppressors of the Muslim Nation. They have an illegitimate hold on Muslim land, and since the planted regimes in the Muslim world want Israel to return back to the land occupied since 1976, Usuli Muslims will remove these planted regimes, remove the Israeli entity out of power and Jerusalem will be the capital of the Khilafah State. But how?

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