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Translation of the 2nd press release coming from the leadership of Jihad in Baghdad from the Media Department

The Reality on the Ground!

From the land of Bravery, from the land of the Mujahideen, from the patient and firm to all the Muslims this is the news of the Mujahideen and the Lions of the Battles. We are sending this to you and promote the news to everyone and be steadfast. By Allah you will never be attacked from our side as long as we are alive.

The British Head Quarters are in the city of Basra. During the evening the Mujahideen successfully planted some explosives in the HQ and in the whole road that is the main access route for their supplies. Three of the Mujahideen attacked the HQ by grenades, RPG's and their Klashnikovs. After fighting them continuously for 3 hours the Mujahideen were able to cut off their supply route. The fighting between them continued and led to the destruction of 3 artilleries, the complete withdrawal of all their forces from that region after having collected their wounded. The Mujahideen returned with only 1 brother wounded.

The special forces from the Mujahideen were successful in assassinating Nizal-ul-Kharijzi when he was coming to Baghdad to attend the meeting tomorrow. All of the Mujahideen returned back safely. Obeying the orders of Saddam his elite forces clashed with the Americans on the East-West side of Baghdad; this happened when the Americans were engaged in fighting the Mujahideen. His elite forces covered the whole city with mines and special timer explosives. This occurred near the Al-Rasheed Hotel where the American forces were trapped by the elite Iraqi forces from the front and the Mujahideen from the back. This operation caused maximum impact and damage, it killed many American soldiers and many were wounded. We were not able to count the amount of casualties. The explosives that occurred in the middle of the city prove to us that they were very heavily loaded bombs resulting in the city being covered in smoke. The Mujahideen monitored the situation for a while and all of them retreated back safely. The Iraqi forces had 3 soldiers wounded and the American air jets came over the city, which triggered us all to disappear. One Iraqi boy was in the area he was playing with one of the undetonated explosives and blew himself up. The Americans theatrically went back into the city in their tanks and demonstrated in front of their own media as if they were in complete charge. They wanted to show that they were in control of the city and were trying to defend it from looting and the young boy was killed because of his looting. When the truth is the young boy died because he was playing with an explosive left behind. The Mujahideen put 700kg of TNT under 3 tanks and using the RPG's they managed to kill 3 Americans, 12 were wounded and 2 tanks were completely destroyed.
In another operation conducted by Abu Musa, the enemy forces were kept busy by the Iraqi forces in the East side of Baghdad preventing them from crossing a bridge and this resulted in guerrilla war tactics. The Americans were forced to bring in their air jets to the region and they started to bomb everywhere causing many civilian casualties.

All the Iraqi forces had retreated from Tikreet 5 days before the American forces arrived except for one regiment (Firkah-tul-Adnaan) who in co-ordination with the Mujahideen will start to hunt the Americans one by one. The tunnel of Tikreet has been found by the Americans and are now preparing themselves to enter the tunnels. Some of the Iraqi forces are in these tunnels and most likely Saddam is there too.

Fidaaee Saddam encountered American wagons and forces in Al-Mosul, they destroyed 3 cars, killed 8 Americans and wounded 6 of them. The American air jets responded and started to bomb the whole area.

Northern Iraq
A party of the Mujahideen from the group of Abu Ali Al-Mujahid in co-operation with Ansar-ul-Islam reached the most advanced American forces. They fought against them and the Pushmergas for 2 hours, the enemy forces had to retreat back when the Pushmergas encountered heavy losses. The American air jets came to bomb us; 3 of our brothers were Shaheed, 12 of them wounded and the brothers had to retreat back.

We have bitten those kuffaar crusaders from the same hole many times, they do not have any tactic to counter us because they are only trained to fight and stay put.

The group of Mujahideen sent a letter to the Americans informing them of a military storage dump. As usual the Americans went there to collect the arsenal, when they arrived the whole area had been bugged with mines and huge explosives were timed off killing 8 of them, their artillery being destroyed and many were wounded. The air jets were sent in and they bombed indiscriminately causing many civilian (residents) casualties. Only 1 of the Mujahideen became Shaheed, 2 were wounded and all the rest returned back safely to their caves. All you could see was a huge fire.

The Jihad will continue with Bush and Blair; in the media they are now speaking of the battle as if it has finished, now they are speaking of having a new government yet in the battlefield there is killing, there is fighting and they know the coming days will make them forget yesterday. We are waiting for the Summer and when the Summer comes Inshallah we will be able to hurt them badly by the heat of the sun and the heat of our weapons and the strategy of fighting we have adopted (i.e. guerrilla warfare). The Mujahideen have their own special forces from Allah (swt) and that is the weather. May Allah (swt) keep sending us all his soldiers.

Tahiyyaat to all the Muslims, keep making Dua for us, for your Muslim brothers in Iraq and send our news to all the Mujahideen.

Source: Abu Iyad Amir of Mujahideen in Baghdad

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