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US blackouts as NewYork claims insurance:
Did the American government blame the NewYork blackouts due to an act of god?

The Reality on the Ground!

With the loss of revenue mounting, new york businessmen and households count the cost of a recent electrical blackout that lasted nearly two days. Many businesses will claim for insurance losses only to have them rejected due to reports that the blackouts where caused by lightening striking the US power grid and disabling supplies.

An act of God clause would indeed invalidate any claim so that the estimated losses of $20 billion would be saved, the insurance companies would rest easy and the US economy would be un-dented. The losers are the mugs who fall for the make believe hoax lightening strike that did not really happen. The BBC reported that the lightening strike was unsubstantiated and could not be verified.

However, business and households alike would lose their claims simply because a small print in the insurance contract views such a disaster as an act of God, outside the requirements for paying for losses experienced.

Another theory is that the blackouts where induced purposely to remove from the minds of New Yorkers the 7-11 attacks that are still fresh in their minds and resuscitate the low morale of the people.

Perhaps, a political tool to reinforce the american governments stance on not agreeing to sign the kyoto agreement limiting greenhouse gases that scientific studies on global ozone degradation has directly resulted from american industry and commerce during the last century.

The US government will indeed use the blackouts to show that its policy to stay away from signing such a treaty was in the interests of the american people, the rest of the world could go to hell as far as american arrogance is concerned.

When electricity did finally trickle through, it was available first to the commercial sectors of manhattan. Even though as people where still sleeping on the roadside alongside rat infested streets, three days into the blackout still many civilian sectors of New York were without electricity while the lights on broadway burned on! - I guess commerce is more important that the wealfare of households.

A sure sign that the ugly head of capitalism is still running the show!

Source: BBC (UK)


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