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Liberia's Charles Taylor goes into exile in Nigeria
We look into the real reason why
America has interviened?

The Reality on the Ground!

We look into the real reason why America has intervened, not to save the peoples of Liberia, to liberate them from Charles Taylor, maybe to feed the starving? No certainly not, capitalism is not interested in human lives, perhaps a little concerned about the loss of a labour force willing to work hours that have been outlawed by the European community.

The real reason concerns the immense influence global corporations have on world trade, the white house and the president himself. At the bequest of American corporate's who have been suffering since the closure of Natural Rubber exports, stopped by liberian rebels in control of the main port of Monrovia.

We name the corporation as Firestone US inc., the tyre manufacturer.

Further, American losses in the middle east namely Iraq has tarnished the once powerful bird that was the worlds only superpower. A diversion was necessary and focusing on African states the US found a means to appease global corporate US as well as taking direct control of one of the countries that one hundred and twenty years back it help create, to control the worlds most cultivated Natural Rubber trees. Remember that the best tyres in the world that are produced for F1 racing, Airplane and jet fighter wheels are made from natural rubber not crappy synthetic ones. Its all to do with Natural rubbers elasticity properties when put under strain. Natural rubber suffers less from hystereses which is the loss of elasticity while under extreme stresses and strain.

The US wants direct control on African resources for its own ends. Their is a war going on between Secular US and Islam, US and European countries including Britain for world resources.

Additonal information

The US is pushing for GM crops to be used in African countries so global corporate companies such as Monosanto can cdirectly control world food production.

GM is a concept that was developed under the pretext as an answer to the rise in population rise but we all know now that it was for the following reasons:

South American arable land after decades of pesticide abuse and spraying caused soil erosion and thus the inability to compete in the global market. GM would help since less soil nutrients would be needed for its cropping and the period of time needed from sowing to eventual harvesting would be reduced dramatically.This would allow american rice and other produces to compete in the world market.

The African continent has land so arable and fertile that most of the land has crops growing on it that was never planted by the farmers! The United States knew for some time that once the crude oil had been depleted in most of the Muslim world the west would be in a position with surplus energy, but the question of dependency upon the Muslim world for food would still exist and had to be addressed. GM crops was the answer.

By initally selling GM germinating seeds cheap and flooding the market the germinating seeds would:-

(i) ONLY grow during one season
(ii) and at a particular climate

- the United States would artificially have implemented a regional monopoly on the growth of the world farm market worldwide!

The net effect would be that the soil would become dependant and would need to adapt and thus only succeed in growing crops from GM seeds. The farmers would be totally depended upon US genetically modified seeds, a perfect way to destroy the soils natural ability to grow crops in harsh environments. The farmers would have no choice but to buy US GM seeds every season and thus throw away any surplus and thereby be depended upon the United States.

The United Nations is officially dead, and is still operating to fool the world into believing in a world governance that does not exist, only that the US is in complete control!

Source: BBC

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