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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

Mosul Massacre: GI Joe, the new Baa’th party executioner
It appears that the old regime of Iraq has simply had a change of leadership. The tyrant Saddam has been replaced by the tyrant Bush.

The Reality on the Ground!

The Crusaders came to liberate Iraq by bombing its population, cutting off its electricity and water, and letting chaos rule the streets. Following the same twisted logic, they now claim they want the Iraqi people to govern themselves, by imposing a puppet ruler over them and killing anyone who disagrees. The people of Iraq have learnt that their “new found liberties” may be a little premature, if not dead on arrival.

A journalist reported a wrecked car in the square and ambulances ferrying wounded people to hospital, while a US aircraft flew over the city at low altitude. This wasn’t the scene of an attack a week ago when the Crusaders were fighting the Muslim army of Iraq. This was the aftermath of a bloodbath in Mosul, after the American troops decided they needed to silence the “liberated” voices of the civilians in the city.

The Americans had marched their newly appointed puppet in Mosul, Mashaan al-Juburi, onto a stage in front of a few hundred people. The new governor was making a passionate pro-American speech, telling the people that the Americans had come to liberate them and would make their lives better. The crowd retorted he was a liar, and children began to hurl stones at him. People began to denounce the American occupation and chanted “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is His Messenger”. The American troops, who had been arrogantly moving amongst the crowd with their American flag, were incensed at this. When the crowd began to shout "the only democracy is to make the Americans leave" whilst continuing to hurl stones and abuse at the puppet governor, the American troops opened fire upon the people killing and injuring many.

"The people moved towards the government building, the children threw stones, the Americans started firing. Then they prevented the people from recovering the bodies," said Marwan Mohammed, who was amongst the protestors. At the hospital following the shooting, Dr. Iyad al-Ramadhani said "there are perhaps 100 wounded and 10 to 12 dead". Another doctor reported "The wounded said (the governor) Juburi asked the Americans to fire"

It appears that the old regime of Iraq has simply had a change of leadership. The tyrant Saddam has been replaced by the tyrant Bush. The top henchmen are now appointed by Bush, and the American troops work alongside the old Baa’th police officials to kill and torture the people of Iraq. The people now suffer more than ever through lack of food, electricity and clean water. Rather than doing anything to help them, the Crusaders have sent in their specialists to tend to the oil fields health and well being. Indeed nothing has changed. How naïve some were to think the Crusaders were coming for anything other than solidifying the stranglehold over their interests, and ensuring that the Muslims remain silent in the face of occupation.

The statements from the Crusaders have indicated clearly that they seek to build a nation that “adopts the democratic process”, “respects the rule of law”, and “values human rights”. All of this shows clearly that the only thing acceptable to them is a nation that carries the same concepts and values as they do; where man legislates, where the law fits the western model, where human rights are as defined by the west. If the Muslims were like the non-Muslim people then all of this would occur quite naturally, but the reality is that the two are diametrically opposed. The Muslim Ummah does not believe anyone but Allah (SWT) can legislate for them, they believe in His Shariah alone and not western or international law. They believe in the rights and roles that Allah (SWT) gave to humans, not the sick and twisted values or rights that the western nations have invented. This means that the Crusaders political aims for Iraq will be opposed by Muslim population of Iraq, and the only way these will be realised is by oppression and tyranny.

As such the Muslim world will never be liberated under the rule of the non-Muslims, because they will never believe in that which the non-Muslims believe. The signs are that the Muslims have understood this clearly. This is why the millions of jubilant people welcoming the Crusaders have notably been absent, and instead thousands demonstrate against the occupation in Baghdad every day. This is why the Muslims set aside their differences during the war, and all the various factions in Iraq were unanimous in Jihad against the non-Muslim Crusaders. This is why the Muslims were chanting “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is His Messenger” in front of the new puppet governor, showing their loyalty to Islam and rejection of nationalism. This is why they have equated calls for democracy, whilst under Crusader occupation, as nothing more than hypocrisy and tyranny.

This awareness is spreading like fire across the Muslim world. The colonialists, paranoid and desperate, are attempting everything they can to stop the Muslim world from uniting and arising as a political force, under the Khilafah. The signs are that all their attempts are not only failing but fanning the flames of this fire. It is only a matter of time now before the rule and power of the non-Muslims will be cleansed from the Muslim world, and the Muslims will once again be united and protected under the rule of the Khilafah.


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