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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

The reality of how the invading forces of the United States are fooling the world!

The Reality on the Ground!

With the abolishment of Saddam's statue in Baghdad the coalition forces are declaring victory in Iraq. Images of the US troops destroying the idol that stood high and proud were beamed across the globe together with the minority shia who rejoiced at their premature triumph. The media continually showed images of the way in which the people of Iraq all of a sudden had taken to the US troops and celebrated their 'liberation' coupled with their common hatred for Saddam Hussein.

The media is a tool of the western governments that is utilised for the purpose of creating public opinion in favour of government policy via its propaganda. Hence they will show images of so-called victory on their behalf and continually repeat these images so as to ensure that the message is drummed into the people, resulting in people accepting it as being fact and would no longer question it. This means that any news agency that reports events that do not coincide with their propaganda will be targeted and dealt with as an enemy. This explains the deliberate attacks against so many journalists more notably Al-Jazeera who have been exposing the fallacy of their claims for victory as they did in Afghanistan where they faced a similar fate.

[Click on Image to Enlarge] The kuffar through their media machine aim to create propaganda in order to influence the minds of the masses by censoring and restricting the information they receive. Their control of the media machine puts them in a position whereby they can easily achieve this and ensure that all other media tongues are silenced (or at the least obtain minimum publicity). Their way of doing this is to have a mechanism of censorship, this involves firstly having selective information that is carried and portrayed from a specific viewpoint of life i.e. kufr capitalistic, to which the masses will have no disagreement with. Secondly to then portray this information as if it were definitive which has the effect of brainwashing people by making them view it as being fact. This allows the propagation of their lies to become widespread public opinion.

The kuffar as part of their brainwashing campaign also use specific terminologies in reference to certain key events and places. They do this in order to lessen the impact it will have upon the people and prevent them from uprising as a result of it. With the invasion of Baghdad a city that has deep historical significance in the Muslim ummah and till this day remains a very resourceful place for Islamic heritage, they were able to carry out their invasion with little or no backlash from the global Muslim community. Baghdad, if we look at it from the perspective of a Muslim we should understand that it is a city that was conquered by the Sahabah (ra), its history involves great scholars of the Ummah like Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Shafi, Ibn Taymiyyah, Imaad ud-din Zinqi and great warriors like Muthanna and Salahuddin Ayubi, it contained the world famous library of Baghdad, in the Mosque of Baghdad Imam Hasan al-Basri conducted his circles to which hundreds of scholars would attend, Baghdad was also the capital of the Islamic state, a global superpower at the time. Yet the kuffar deliberately refer to it as a war against 'Saddam', making him the issue and the cause of all this devastation, by doing so they are able to divert the significance of their occupation of Baghdad and lesson the impact that it will have upon the Muslims. This makes it seem as though what they are doing is permissible when in fact it is a grave violation to the very belief of every Muslim.

There are unfortunately some people who after witnessing this occupation by the crusading forces choose to accept the lesser of the two evils by believing that although the US occupying Iraq is bad, it has the greater advantage of removing Saddam's dictatorial regime from power and hence they support this, but this is clearly an incorrect stance to take. There is a principle in Islam that states; 'the interest of the whole (ummah) outweighs the interests of a few'. Hence the role of the Muslims in Iraq is to resist the aggression being committed by the kuffar by fighting with the intention of doing it for the sake of Allah (swt) in order to defend their life, honour, wealth, property and belief and not to see this war from the perspective that it will reap some benefit by riding Saddam Hussein from power. The overall interests of the Muslim ummah and the impact that it will have upon the Muslim world should take precedence. This is needless to say that the rest of the Muslim ummah outside of Iraq have a duty to support and partake in the jihad against the crusaders.

The Muslims however should take lesson from this, firstly the way in which the US illegitimately declared war against the Muslims of Iraq and how it is considered to be above the law, secondly the hypocrisy of the western governments in waging this war. It should also be evident the way that the troops before destroying the idol of Saddam raised their flag above it to show their dominance, as this is not the first time this has occurred. There have been prior incidents whereby the troops have raised the US flag after having achieved some gains which was then immediately halted by their superiors for the reason that it may incite the Muslims into thinking that they have come to colonise us and hence realise the true objective of the kuffar in our land. It is also clear the way in which the shia of Iraq have been openly looting the streets with the presence of US troops yet they have been allowed to do so as long as their allegiance lies with the coalition forces.

In conclusion, the view that the western media is portraying is a very small snapshot of the bigger picture, as far as Muslims are concerned the attack by the US & UK governments is a violation of our sanctity, their presence in our land is illegitimate and will be fought and repelled. The Muslims of Iraq are not supportive of these forces regardless of what the media portrays and hence they are fighting and resisting this illegal occupation.

We advise the Muslims to adhere to the following guidelines in order to fulfil our duties and responsibilities with regards to the current conflict. Firstly, to verify the news that we receive, do not trust the propaganda portrayed through the western media, as Muslims we are obliged to verify any bad news that we hear regarding Muslims before accepting it. Secondly, to have complete and total reliance upon Allah (swt) by understanding that our life and death are in His hands, and that victory is not achieved by numbers or military strength but is determined by Allah (swt). Thirdly, to have knowledge about our enemy, Allah (swt) has informed us about the intentions and mentality of the kuffar, it is imperative that we know and understand this together with the greater plans of the kuffar towards the Muslims. With this in mind we should raise our voices and declare our support for the Jihad in Iraq and expose the enemy and their intentions by countering their lies and propaganda so that the truth prevails.


Source: A l - M u h a j i r o u n

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