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Muslims work for its revival and gain rewards from Allah(swt).  

NASA science fact or fiction:
Did America land man on the moon? we investigate and learn the truth.

The Reality on the Ground!

Lately there has been much discussion whether or not it was possible for the united states to have sent astronauts to the moon and successfully return them to earth. We have all seen the static pictures that show incorrectly placed light sources, the quality videos shot that are too good to be true and the endless experts lined up to prove that America hoax the world!

Muslims should not delve too deeply into whether NASA did successfully send astronauts into space and land them on the moon, take pictures and return to earth. This is irrelevant since such an undertaking is not impossible. With the right science and technology it is possible, the Khilafah will take on this undertaking and excel to the farthest reaches of space.

Whether NASA did succeed is not something that Muslims should negate, rather understand that Allah(swt) has instilled in the minds of man the ability to learn, search and learn more about Allah(swt) creations - other planets!

This article will be looking into the following topics:

  1. Planetary protection - What will the Khilafah do to protect the Earth from straying comets and meteors.
  2. Resettlement on other planets
  3. Creating an atmosphere on Mars so making it habitable for mankind.

The following extract is part of a white paper on the role of the Khilafah to secure the life, property and wealth of humanity under the threat of planetary disaster.

1. Planetary Protection:
It is well known in scientific circles that every 65 million years our universe oscillates into what's known as a "danger zone", this is where the stars that compact the known milky way are so close, dense that the possibility of a meteor or star collision is possible. The last time such an event occurred was 30 million years ago and it wiped out the dinosaurs completely from the face of the earth. So should humanity be worried about an event that is going to happen in 35 million yeas time?... I think not! ..especially when what should concern every individual is how we should live the possible 100 years . What happens in 35 million years time is no doubt irrelevant and is too far in the distant!

Its nice to learn about How, Why and What? caused the dinosaurs decline. The theory behind the danger zone scenario is wonderful for science and gives us greater insight into complex galaxies that we happen to reside in, but it has no relevance other than an historical one. Also, its a theory since we cannot measure for sure that it really occurs.

Saying that, there is one area of concern to the Khilafah government, a possible event that could pose a problem, one which is not too difficult to resolve but needs attention. That is the possibility that dwindling resources in earth could impact upon the expansion of humanity. It is one of the goals of the Khilafah to unite mankind and expand its presence throughout the universe. The ability to search and expand ones knowledge exceeds this universe and beyond. The Khilafah is looking beyond our solar system, towards outer space and harnessing the potential resources so to establish a human presence throughout the universe. Remove from your minds the though of corporations running the show, or for that matter the military it will be the best of mankind at the helm of humanities expansion into the universe. People like you and me!

  1. With the implementation of real policies that will
  2. irradicate poverty worldwide
  3. distribute resources according to the needs of humanity
  4. distribution will drive production, not the other way round.
  5. Money will be outlawed with the introduction of DNA ID cards.
  6. No person man, women or child will be hungry, be without shelter or be without assistance.

These are some of the policies that will be enforced by the people for the people under an Islamic Khilafah system of government.

You might be thinking that this is just hearsay or banter or conjecture, this is not, be reassured that the only system to live by is by Islam. World poverty would be irradicated by Islam with the policies mentioned above. The expansion into outer space is paramount to the survival of humanity.

To be continued..

closer than 35 million years. Lets consider a stray rock entering our solar system and due to its gravitational density somehow avoids jupitor. The chances of this happening are very remote since jupitor has been able to suck in all large materias that have been on a trjectory towards the earth and has saved the earth millions of times. Jupitor is doing a job that it has been put there to do. Surely jupitor could not have been positioned in the solar system by chance? We only have to look at the way jupitor was formed and we can see clearly that if it where placed in a different orbit of less than 2 degrees the earth would have been destroyed long ago. Its not mere luck or chance, these planets where placed in position for a purpose and they are doing a great job on our behalf. Humanity has most certianly owes its very existance to that which placed things in motion on our behalf. But who is powerful enogh to carryout such an extraordonary feat? Surely not any human. Without a doubt, Allah(swt) created the heavens and the earth and all cellestrial bodies and put them in motion.


Follow up Links

Moon Hoax. This web site examines the theories that suggest the NASA Apollo moon landings were faked. It hopes to prove, without any doubt, that these theories are wrong and a combination of a poor understanding of basic science and a desire to make a fast buck. Ultimately, however, you're going to have to reach your own decision.


Source: ITG



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